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e-Health Nigeria; Everon; FDA; Telecare Services Association (UK) appoints CEO

Telecare Soapbox: Value creation–wireless health companies at the fore(Eternal challenges of successful technology companies) CMIO: Telehealth gets connected (US)(Round-up of various initiatives) Kaiser study finds 50% improvement in healthy hypertension control(Using which device?) e-Health Nigeria and the ‘instant EMR’(Inspiring story) FDA and digital health = FUD?(Health IT software as medical device) Telecare Services Association (UK) […]

Telecare smoke alarm; Cardiocom; e-Health and telemedicine; Intel; Robots; Telecare job

Philips and Project HOPE, New Mexico(To implement telemonitoring) Public telecare/telehealth events (UK)(Forthcoming events) Telecare smoke alarm saves 97 year-old (UK)(Goodnews item) Leeds City investing £1million in telecare (UK)(More good news) Cardiocom: new pulse oximeter(New product info) At ATA 2010: US Army and mCare(Help for recuperating soldiers) mHealth Initiative sponsors nursing innovation award(Recognizing the adoption of […]

Bluetooth; ATA 2010; CompuMed; Wireless medicine

ATA 2010: it’s global, Haiti, AT&T(Conference roundup) Bluetooth beyond the ‘thinginyerear’(Bluetooth has just barely warmed its engines) At ATA 2010: Waldo Health monitor premieres(Product news) At ATA 2010: Aerotel demonstrates Mobile-CliniQ(Product news) Telecare/Telehealth Best Practice Guide(From the British Geriatrics Society) CompuMed to deliver eHealth to emerging underserved markets(Industry news) Safer Walking Technology Scheme – Westminster, […]

Telecare ethics; Bosch Health Buddy; ZigBee; Giraff telepresence; sensor networks; Connected Health; wireless health

Telecare – the ethical debate(Video – not to be missed) Five telecare booklets from Uni. of Stirling (UK)(Telecare for people with various impairments) Vidyo launches healthcare telepresence(Secure videoconferencing at less cost?) ATA ‘first call’: Bosch Health Buddy/VitelCare(News of two upgrades) What Now For Wireless Health in the NHS?(Implications of the new UK coalition government) CarelineUK: […]

Wireless health; Connected Health; Telehealth; Case study videos; iPad usability; eCare; iRobot; Multi-network SIM

E-commerce 1994 = wireless health 2010?(Drawing the parallels) Center for Connected Health spinoff(Managed health-care company called Hopskipconnect) Coolhunting telehealth (Japan via Italy)(Body-worn sensor) Connected Health in Ireland: An All-Island Review(Substantial free report. Recommended) Telehealth management of heart failure evidence(WSDAN evidence review update) Excellent case study videos from Newham WSD(Great videos) Honeywell Hommed and eDevice Expand […]

21CN; telecare; Telemedicine

BT changes mind on 21CN voice upgrade (UK)(Implications for telecare providers) Where next for the Continua Alliance?(After 4 years) Moray to ramp up its telehealthcare service (UK)(Good news for the people of Moray) Wireless pressure mat sensors(New product information) Pros and cons of getting health information from the internet(Useful general item) Doubts cast on telehealth‘s […]

Robosoft; Dr Wang; Secure TeleHealth; Red Cross; telehealth; PassivSystems

Robosoft makes robuBOXKompaï software open source(To promote care robot development) Global Media now world distributor for ATI Caretone stethoscopes(Industry news) Video: Exciting Time in the Telemedicine/Telehealth Industry(Dr Wang talks it up) Video: Secure TeleHealth Physical-Behavioral Collaboration(Videoconferencing for medication compliance) eCare engenders paranoia(in a way ‘eHealth’ never has) LA Red Cross / Philips Lifeline puzzle(Red Cross […]