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Telecare Soapbox: What should the role of the Telecare Services Association be? (Editor Steve wonders if it is time for a change) Award-winning smartphone screener for oral lesions an infection risk? (New products and unregulated markets) ATA: Company announcements and news in brief (ATA updates) April 2012 Telecare LIN Newsletter published (UK) (Your comprehensive source) […]

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3millionlives: Plan B and Plan C (Still unconvinced on Plan A) New arrivals to the monitoring web portal party…(US) (Fujitsu and a barking name) Smartphone apps to reduce social anxiety (Based on cognitive bias modification) A call for ‘dialing back the hype’ (Read if planning the next Big Thing) AirStrip selects MobiSecure for government health […]

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Vodafone publishes first mobile ‘Health Debate’ (Vodafone’s take on the four big questions) American Well wins contract from the VA (US) (A significant development) Telecare briefs: mood music, securing data…and not (Three quickies) Online services ‘isolating’ elderly people (UK) (WRVS has a pop at telecare) Will GPs take telehealth into the mainstream? (UK) (By Mark […]

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Beware hospital CIOs, of Android malware explosion (Adding to the ongoing debate of iPad vs. Android) Rural healthcare lagging without telemedicine (US) (Confirming the obvious) Choose Independence to develop telehealth part of TSA Code of Practice (UK) (A ‘brave’ decision?) Did the riots affect telecare service usage? (UK) (A question for services) The effect of […]

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Health Net Connect launches VideoDoc service (Is it significant?) New telehealth service in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) (New telehealth roll-out) BRAID Project: Active Ageing Scenarios (EU) (May be useful) NHS Bristol uses phones for telehealth (UK) (New telehealth roll-out) Recognized Continua Certification Experts (May be useful. Or become one) Two useful smartphone healthcare apps, and free report […]

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ATA 2011: conference reporting **Final 6 May** (To bring you right up to date, incl. Intel news) New Zealand technologies facilitate care of elderly and chronically ill at home (Round-up) Wireless remote monitoring pacemakers: FDA approval of BIOTRONIK’s latest devices (US) (Industry news) OK to Taser man having epileptic fit (UK) (Twice. And to stand […]

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TANN site updates (Can you use them more?) mHealth at peak, exaggerations avalanche (Getting ready to jump out of the way) Doctors and patients jumping on mHealth and changing healthcare as we know it? (Getting ready to jump into the way) ‘Going mobile’: the promise and the confusion (Also with iPhone tracking update) Denver Health, […]

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AT&T/T-Mobile–the impact on mobile health? (If the acquisition goes through) Humana Cares ‘big pilots’ Intel Health Guide (US) (For CHF patients) Blood analysis in minutes, via chip (New development news) GE V Scan handheld ultrasound: review (Virtues, despite initial skepticism) inPulse: Putting your smartphone on your wrist (Most exciting video this year for smartphone geeks) […]

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HIMSS news in brief: Monday (Conference/exhibition news) Alere’s acquisition of HTL will change the telehealth market (Major announcement) ‘Hype curve alert’ on mHealth apps: research2guidance (Report) Pushing patient clinical summaries to mobile devices (Mobile app) Simultaneous wireless signals sent and received (Pointer to the future) PHR and payment smart card introduced at HIMSS (US) (Payment […]

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Telecare Aware is recruiting (Volunteers, that is) Life-saving diagnosis via Facebook (A friend in deed) Doro global strategic partnerships with MyGlucoHealth and Medixine (Phone manufacturer digs into mHealth) Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring Conference (US) (Baltimore conference news) BMJ Clinical Review: Telehealthcare for long term conditions (New academic paper) Telecare and council cuts (UK) (Taking […]