Wireless health; Connected Health; Telehealth; Case study videos; iPad usability; eCare; iRobot; Multi-network SIM

E-commerce 1994 = wireless health 2010?
(Drawing the parallels)

Center for Connected Health spinoff
(Managed health-care company called Hopskipconnect)

Coolhunting telehealth (Japan via Italy)
(Body-worn sensor)

Connected Health in Ireland: An All-Island Review
(Substantial free report. Recommended)

Telehealth management of heart failure evidence
(WSDAN evidence review update)

Excellent case study videos from Newham WSD
(Great videos)

Honeywell Hommed and eDevice Expand Connectivity Solutions for Telehealth
(With unfunny cartoon)

iPad usability: First findings from user testing
(More iPad criticism)

Making mHealth a reality
(See comment too)

60 health software experts fly to Sydney to progress Australian eHealth
(Here comes the cavalry!)

eCare: the paranoia continues
(One for the OMG file)

China patient monitoring market report
(Only $7,500)

CosmoCom wins software award
(What’s it all about?)

iRobot eyes up care market
(More thoughts on potential for care robots)

Multi-network M2M SIM card launched (UK)
(For mobile telecare/telehealth monitoring suppliers)