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Hebrides Telehealth video; NHS Direct; Philips pendant alarm; telecare news

It will be worth setting aside some time to explore this stonking set of 8 items posted since Tuesday’s alert. Excellent telehealth video: Hebrides Telehealth(Great scenery, great overview, what more do you want?) Tech patents – an arms race(A dark cloud on the horizon for small companies) Video surveillance in 360-degrees(Techie stuff) Scotland continues telecare […]

e-Care; FCC; eHealth; Eric Dishman Intel video; telehealth

AgeTek–Aging Technology Alliance–steps forward at What’s Next(Small companies in the US get it together) ‘E-care’ not ‘telehealth’…the FCC says so!(Terminology rant) Thinking beyond just the Internet – telehealth(What do patients really want?) Role for eHealth in healthcare sustainability?(Presentation from Empirica) Home Telehealth Community of Care(Ressurected information source) AMD opens first European office(Industry news) Cooking up […]

Bosch; Tunstall; Alert1; iSOFT news of telehealth developments

Bosch Netwell Centre telehealth trial (Ireland)(Yes! Another trial!) Tunstall: pre-election positioning (UK)(Tunstall entrenches in consciousness of politicians) Alert One rebrands as Alert1 (US)(Err… rebranding news) iSOFT and Medic4all new telehealth service (EU)(Industry development) Wakefield and District Housing alarm service anniversary (UK)(Clear communications) ‘Hanging together’–Aging Technology Alliance announced(New development – look out for more info next […]

Android health apps and other telehealth news

Telehealth pavilion debuting at CTIA(Las Vegas 23-25 March) Telehealth on Fox Business News(Solid mainstream item) Tanzania using mobile for childhood treatment(Reaching the previously unreachable) 500 Android health apps=3 million downloads?(Market developments) American Well connects in New York(Telehealth spreads) ‘Crying wolf’: US municipalities charging for false PERS alarms(Highlights the importance of proper response system) M-health: same […]

Mobile World Congress 2010 mHealth Review and other telehealth news

Telecare for young woman with MS and free telecare for older people(Breath of fresh air v brand promotion) Read’em and weep – I do!(I am not alone… I am not!… I am not!) Mobile World Congress 2010 mHealth Review(Massive resource) Doctor will text you now(Article for the general public) Medication reminders by email and text […]

Pointers to the future, PCT commissioning and mobile healthcare

Microrings and Skinput(Pointers to the future) GPS dementia tagging: is it too demeaning?(Tagging, yes. Facilitating independence, no) UK GPs have no confidence in PCT managers(Why not?) Seventh Annual What’s Next Boomer Business Summit(Conference reminder, Chicago) National Digital Research Centre (Ireland)(COPD monitoring device project) Make equipment that doesn’t have to be used (Japan)(Great aspiration) O2 UK […]

Telecare Telehealth Telecoaching Framework Agreement

UK Framework Agreement: Application observations GE QuietCare inks distribution with Direct Supply(When in doubt, outsource) Motorola HS1001 – the iPhone for the home?(What do you mean, home phone?) Red Cross telecare services?(Request for information) MarketWatch reviews wireless health(Various initiatives and pilots) Changes at Invicta Telecare (UK)(Statement) Will US telemedicine be DOA?(Actually, not so doomy-gloomy) Veterans […]

Buying Solutions telecare and telehealth framework procurement

Crunch time for suppliers: new UK telecare and telehealth ‘Framework’ procurement agreement in process(Essential reading) February’s Telecare LIN eNewsletter published(eNewsletter published) Cisco launches HealthPresence technology at HIMSS(Moving out of test mode?) ‘A perfect storm’ in connected health’s favor?(Doctor becomes a believer) HIMSS news in brief: RIM, Voalté, Epocrates(Round up) Dental telemedicine in California?(Not quite as […]