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2020health report; Telehealth; HomePod; "I’ve Fallen, and I Can’t Get Up"; WellDoc

2020health report starts to get an airing (UK)(This looks like a space to watch) Australian Government consults on telehealth(But does it?) HomePod can now be rented privately (UK)(Industry news) Telehealth heart failure readmissions reduced to 3%: NJ home care study(More for the evidence base) “I’ve Fallen, and I Can’t Get Up”(Historical item) European mHealth Alliance […]

NHS telehealth – Dorrell; Robotics; Vodafone; Enchanted objects; NY Times

When will the NHS wake up to telehealth?(When? When? … Major report) Sparkly new website(No, not ours!) Robotics roundup: automating prescriptions, elder care, robobathing(More on care robots) Vodafone’s Wireless Innovation project 2011 deadline looming(Need some early funding?) ‘Enchanted objects’? And don’t forget the robots.(Are smartphone health apps going to annoy rather than help?) ‘Super ambulance’ […]

K-SERA for NAO robots; Telemedicine services; Philips remote monitoring; Telecare monitoring; Online doc services

K-SERA for NAO (Video)(Cute little robots) UK’s Vision for Adult Social Care(Heard it all before?) Expanding telemedicine services in the Pacific (Audio)(Radio interview) Philips’s remote monitoring business strategy(Still trying to work out what they are up to) Welsh demonstrator projects update(Good news) ‘Connected healthcare’ panel at NY MIT Enterprise Forum(Were you there?) Telecare monitoring profiled […]

TSA 2010 Conference; AMIA Informatics; undiagnosed COPD; Aerotel GeoSkeeper; Galaxy Tab; Bosch Healthcare

TSA 2010 Conference reports(Further updates since yesterday; A request and reflections) Microwaves could replace electrodes for monitoring vital signs(Pointer to the future item) AMIA Informatics 2010 Year in Review(Items for the evidence base) More people in UK with undiagnosed COPD than previously thought(According to a survey) Aerotel GeoSkeeper–first US viewing(Will be interesting to hear what […]

WSD; Eric Topol; Light-emitting biomedical tattoos; mHealth Summit; O2 health deals

WSD sites enrol just one patient in ten (UK)(Lifting a little more of the veil on the WSD) 500m people using healthcare mobile applications in 2015(Expensive report alert) Eric Topol: The wireless future of medicine (Video)(Interesting mhealth presentation) Light-emitting biomedical tattoos and more(Pointer to the future) Mobile phone ‘chip’ for STD self-testing (UK)(Pointer to the […]

mHealth Summit; Novartis; Cardiac telemonitoring; AT&T ForHealth;

Breaking news from mHealth Summit(Running coverage of the mHealth Summit when we pick upinteresting stuff) mHealth Summit coverage(From other people) Novartis will seek regulatory approval for ‘smart pill’(Spare us the ‘Frankenpills’) Most employee wellness programs considered ineffective: survey(A natural home for telehealth in the US) Cardiac telemonitoring #6 in Cleveland Clinic ‘Top 10’(Can you identify […]

Buying Solutions; mHealth in Africa; Aerotel; Quest Diagnostics

Statement from Buying Solutions on UK FA(Your two month wait is over!) Care wardens and the technology challenge (UK)(What will they misconstrue next?) UK difficult sell to get tougher?(As PCT staff grab redundancy packages) Tablet wars: 10 things to look for in a tablet(Shopping for a tablet?) Is mHealth a ‘fast solution’ in Africa?(Conference news) […]

Portable breast scanner; AFrame Digital; mHealth; Emotional automation; T2 Mood Tracker app

Real-time portable breast scanner developed(Pointer to the future) AFrame Digital, Status Solutions partner for remote monitoring(A logical partnership?) Conference on doctor licensing portability for telemedicine(Tricky issue moved forward) EHR certification moves forward (US)(Two-year horizon receding?) Forbes (magazine) discovers mHealth(And re-discovers a hackneyed headline) ‘Emotional automation‘ for better healthcare?(But will doctors warm to it?) T2 Mood […]