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Please take our brief assistive technology survey Telecare Soapbox: Twisted tender tendrils (UK) (Alliteration aside, it’s a lot’a read) Connected Health Symposium 2011: reviews and recaps (News round up) Assessing PTSD via virtual reality (Armed With Science item) Robotic assisted exoskeleton update (For people with spinal cord injuries) Telehealth, telemedicine and telecare: Introductory one-day seminar […]

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ATA 2011: conference reporting **Final 6 May** (To bring you right up to date, incl. Intel news) New Zealand technologies facilitate care of elderly and chronically ill at home (Round-up) Wireless remote monitoring pacemakers: FDA approval of BIOTRONIK’s latest devices (US) (Industry news) OK to Taser man having epileptic fit (UK) (Twice. And to stand […]

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Older people would benefit from free telecare (UK)(Saying what should go without saying) Aerotel goes wireless(New products) Tunstall goes broadband(New products) Older people have their say on robots in care(And guess what they want!) Intel Home Health pilot with Erickson Retirement(Who will pay after the pilot?) FDA and mobile health regulation(Regulations on medical apps for […]