Pointers to the future, PCT commissioning and mobile healthcare

Microrings and Skinput
(Pointers to the future)

GPS dementia tagging: is it too demeaning?
(Tagging, yes. Facilitating independence, no)

UK GPs have no confidence in PCT managers
(Why not?)

Seventh Annual What’s Next Boomer Business Summit
(Conference reminder, Chicago)

National Digital Research Centre (Ireland)
(COPD monitoring device project)

Make equipment that doesn’t have to be used (Japan)
(Great aspiration)

O2 UK appoints to new mobile healthcare division
(Steve makes a prediction)

Healthcare suffers owing to delays in technology roll-out (Scotland)
(Government committee bewails lack of progress)

The Innovator’s Prescription (video)
(Don’t miss this one)

HIMSS wrapup
(Conference overview)

UK Framework Agreement: For the curious or hesitant
(View the Invitation to Tender)

UK Framework Agreement: Application observations
(This item replaced the checklist first posted)