Mobile World Congress 2010 mHealth Review and other telehealth news

Telecare for young woman with MS and free telecare for older people
(Breath of fresh air v brand promotion)

Read’em and weep – I do!
(I am not alone… I am not!… I am not!)

Mobile World Congress 2010 mHealth Review
(Massive resource)

Doctor will text you now
(Article for the general public)

Medication reminders by email and text (US)
(Reminders and more)

Update: Does our logo look like this?
(New security attacks on IE6 and IE7 users)

Med-e-Tel 2010 approaching
(Conference info)

How obtrusive is the equipment you provide?
(It’s not just about usability)

EMR sampling by private practice physicians (US)
(US electronic medical record choices)

West Wireless Health Institute names CEO
(WWHI is a research and advocacy organization)

ODLs making a comeback?
(ODLs = Observations of daily living)

Smartphone adoption by physicians expected at 81% by 2012
(Oh how we love these predictions…)

Explosive growth in iPhone health apps
(What else is a bandwagon for?)