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Telecare Aware Updated

August’s Telecare Aware is sponsored by Docobo (link to Docobo) – – – – – – – – Which of these will kick off your week? A visit to Philips Lifeline (US)(Interesting stats) DH Care Networks Telecare Newsletter(Roundups) Searching for health reform in all the wrong places (US)(US healthcare reform opinion from Intel) Videoconferencing not […]

Telecare & Telehealth

New ‘smart’ medication dispensing device(New product) Telehealth social networking site(New site) Nurses help invent high-tech gadgets(New involvement) Emergency medical device franchise launches eMed-Alert(New business opportunity?) Home health monitoring on the “slope of enlightenment”(New endorsement) The Changing Climate of Care – Telehealth’s Role(New conference, Canada) Telecare Aware: Telecare and Telehealth News

Telecare and Telehealth update

If you are looking for a telehealth strategy, read ‘Hull’s Telehealth Institute’ New Continua Certified A&D devices announced(Industry news) Telecare in action: example(Telecare with a person with a stroke) Hull’s Telehealth Institute (UK)(Where is it?) Take two digital pills and call me in the morning(Pointers to the future) Overcoming the challenges to eHealth(Conference reports) SPARC […]

Telecare and Telehealth update

Tunstall predicts redundancies(Industry news) Telecare Soapbox: Can the ‘old old’ have best lives when the pressure is to isolate them?(Opinion) “Like a duck on a junebug”(Someone ‘gets it’) Edinburgh to double spending on telecare(So why isn’t everyone else?) The role of telehealth in medical tourism(Another angle) Two-cities test for ‘intimacy’ device(Pointer to the future?) Multicenter […]

Update to Telecare Aware

A reader has asked for a recommendation of a good patent lawyer…If you know one, let me know and I will start a list on Telecare Aware. Columba/Vega bracelets’ marketing to be revitalised(You read it here first) Is slow telecare adoption a ‘penguin problem’?(Interesting concept) Realtime monitoring of vital signs in remote patients(New product news) […]