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AskTARA; Universal EHR or PHR; Intel Healthcare Innovation Summit; Tunstall Response; Xbox Kinect

AskTARA for national (UK) launch (To help people select products and services) Why a universal EHR or PHR is so difficult (You could fall at the very first hurdle) Invitation to Intel Healthcare Innovation Summit webinars (Online event) Tunstall Response meets TSA standard (UK) (Did you know they previously didn’t?) Older people on the thin […]

EarlySense; Health New England; epidermal electronics; St Vincent de Paul; Telehealth

EarlySense hospital bed sensors piloting in Massachusetts (New product news) iPads are welcome distraction during surgery (UK) (Choose your entertainment along with your surgeon) Health New England adds member app (For faster access) Once again into the (data) breach: ‘September Song’ edition (225,000 people affected in recent months) Revised Lifecomm MPERS white paper (Thanks to […]

Doro; Socialism; MedCottage; Continua Health Alliance; Kyocera; AFrame Digital

Doro buys tiny French telecare company for €1.29 million (!!!!) Socialism: Relax, it could be coming to your living room (US) (Should rattle a few cages) Pop-up ‘MedCottage‘ enables care at home (US) (New product news) Continua Health Alliance Releases 2011 Design Guidelines (Industry news) Invicta Telecare’s 25 years – and some statistics (UK) (Industry […]