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Developments in Telehealth, Telecare, mHealth, eHealth, etc.

International Centre of Excellence in Telecare (UK)(Great development, risky acronym) Wii does not get families fit: new research(Not a surprise?) 59p stethoscope on iPhone proves a hit(Definitely a surprise) ‘Aging in place’ technology trends for 2010(Good end-of-year round up) Sponsorship opportunities(Yes, we still have some!) £100M cuts to NHS budget in Cambridgeshire(Reality v aspiration) December’s […]

Telecare Aware Updated

Twelve updates since Tuesday: Telefónica Caalyx system announced (Spain)(New product shows cross-Europe cooperation) 100-year-old lady with dementia saved by telecare service (UK)(But where was the technology to prevent the fire?) Call for articles: Journal of Assistive Technologies(Get writing) Alphadaughters web site(Get recording – well, not yet, it’s just a demo) Telepsychiatry in the emergency department(Long […]

Telecare, Telehealth, eHealth, mHealth, news updates

New since Friday: What’s up with the Newham WSD project?(Can tell us?) Sensor-based monitoring coming to an iPhone near you?(Pointer to the future) Harvard Business Review on remote monitoring potential(HBR catching up) What makes telehealth (and telemedicine) work?(VA points to five factors) Will the Google phone(s) take the (healthcare app) pie?(Android lurking on the apps […]

Telecare Aware Updated

New posts since Tuesday: Woman saved from fire(Good news story) Cardiff-based Home Telehealth Ltd helps develop Chinese healthcare(Industry news) Bosch Telehealth Plus in UK(New product in the loosest sense of the term) GSM wander locator(New product) AT&T enters ‘telehealth’, sort of(Signs of the times) ‘The automated mess’- Harvard study on hospital IT(Will telehealth monitoring make […]

Telecare, telehealth, mhealth and ehealth news update

Don’t miss the exclusive China Telehealth Market Overview amongst these 19 items. Surf online, be happier and smarter(Very reassuring!) iPhone as geriatric care advisor(New app gives advice) New telecare player in Canada(Pushing the cost boundary) US ‘Healthcare reform’ cuts home health support(How will contradictory forces play out?) UVA ‘Health House’ groundbreaking(Second generation smart homes) Has […]

Telecare Aware Updated

Posted since Tuesday’s alert: Vodafone wants in on the mobile healthcare action(Industry development) £130m for telecare and home help(Non-announcement?) Check your phone, turn over, put on your sunscreen(Small example of text reminders improving ‘adherence’) Telemedicine, live from your kitchen(Doctor consultations by internet) GE Healthcare acquires Living Independently Group (QuietCare Systems)(Our take on this announcement)