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Telemedicine; mHealth; GE Healthcare; Senate eCare hearing

Kevin Doughty at IALC (Video)(You’ve read his contributions, now see him in action) Senate hearings, ‘eCare‘ and national broadband(Comprehensive roundup, including video linksUPDATED if you read it before this morning) Florida medical school pilots remote blood pressure monitoring with IDEAL LIFE(Telehealth ‘getting out there’) What makes for a successful remote patient monitoring program?(Add your suggestions) […]

Lifestyle Monitoring; ESNC; fall detector; mHealth; MIT’s Sana

Lifestyle Monitoring – Tomorrow’s World? (Scotland)(Jargon-free article) European Satellite Navigation Competition(Open to anyone) Center for Telehealth and e-Health Law (CTeL)(For the brown bag seminars) University of Maryland mobile technology symposium(Report) EMR implementation: the law of unintended consequences(Physician view of using EMRs) Terminology: The discussion that will not die!(Stakepost, anyone?) University students invent wrist-worn fall detector […]

Cisco; smartphones; remote monitoring; pendant alarms; Continua; Proteus Biomedical; volcanic ash

Telemedicine as Cisco Systems‘ seat at eHealth table(We find the nugget in the puffery) Smartphone growth heralding mHealth growth?(Handheld computing power to open healthcare doors?) Moving from long-term care to home–where is the remote monitoring?(A missed opportunity that you, dear reader, can put right. See comment) Forecasts, forecasts…where do they end for mHealth?(Links to a […]

FDA and HIT; Army Telecare; MediPendant; Tunstall

MIT’s Sana mobile health platform wins $150,000 prizes(EMR-related) Nowhere to hide when FDA and HIT collide(Another must-read for suppliers in the US market) AllOne Mobile zeroed out?(The difficulty of finding success) GE Global Research, US Army telecare study(Boost for QuietCare?) Mystery du jour: Pfizer, Acacia Living and their ‘holistic technology solution’(Nothing like a good mystery…) […]

PTG; Health 2.0; telehealth hub; mobile health; broadband for healthcare

PTG: Funding hasn’t gone away (UK)(Contrary to popular belief) Ill wind blows in great report(Long read 1: Health 2.0 conference, Paris) Highlands and Islands to discuss telecare development(Scotland presses ahead) Yorks and Humber plans telehealth hub (UK)(Visionary development) Five free mobile health reports(Long read 2) Tunstall‘s new icp: 73 out of 100(What does it mean?) […]

Independent living; Telecare; iGoogle; mHealth devices

Report: ICT enabled independent living for elderly (EU)(Free, long report) FineThanx telephone check-in service (US)(Check-in the comments, too) Connectyx MedFlash, Consult A Doctor joint venture(Rant warning) Cardio doc in poc (when you need one?)(It’s also a fully featured smartphone) Poplar HARCA’s Alertacall publicity (UK)(Example of good publicity) Get notification of Telecare Aware items in iGoogle(An […]

Telecare campaign; nHealth in Europe; Telemedicine videoconferencing

Self-monitoring medicine capsule(Pointer to the future) Tandberg Clinical Presence System announced(New product for hospitals) Usability course, workshop and networking luncheon (Washington DC)(Improve your website if you can) Yorkshire Post campaigns for telecare (UK)(Election move) Beyond EMRs to sustainable business models(Time to move on) Carriers pushing mHealth in Spain, France(Useful roundup) Eight reasons why current telemedicine […]

National Care Service, Google Maps and the FCC

March’s Telecare LIN eNewsletter published(Check out the Google Maps) UK White Paper: Building the National Care Service(Grand design – now on hold) Can broadband save healthcare? The FCC thinks so! (US)(Doubting Thomasina picks apart the plan) AirStrip OB, interactive TV and telemedicine networks in central Texas(Healthcare evolution with technology) Moca Lab wins MIT Davis Peace […]

eHealth, telecare, telehealth news

Broadcast the state of your underpants(And no leg pulling…) BeClose announces in-home telecare system (US)(DIY telecare without a monitoring center) Medical Alarm Concepts pushes ahead with distribution deal(Despite the lawsuit) Technology for the evolving world of consumer health(Good intro for someone who needs an overview) Flood at BT exchange puts thousands of telecare users at […]