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eHealth Telehealth Telecare investment needed

Please read the investment fund item if nothing else from the 11 posted since Tuesday! Seminar report: Telehealth, telecare and new technologies in UK healthcare(How not to organise an event) Council and PCT collaborate on telecare deal(Common sense approach from West Sussex) The coming technology innovation drought(But Intel and others doing something about it) mHealth: […]

Continua Alliance news on Telecare Aware

Advertise on Telecare Aware. [TA ‘Promote’ page] – – – – – – – – – 8 selected items since Friday’s alert: Veterans Administration (US) and telehealth(The problems of scale) Mayo Clinic, Intel, GE test post-acute monitoring(Intel Health Guide study) The sensitive home(Moving out of the lab) Sleepless sensors(Monitoring from the machine-to-machine (M2M) perspective) German […]

Telecare, Telehealth, mHealth, eHealth, telemedicine news

Advertise on Telecare Aware. [TA ‘Promote’ page] – – – – – – – – – Nine new items since Tuesday’s alert, and there are more waiting in the wings to be posted over the weekend. Grey hair, big business(BBC radio programme) Hot debate on consumer ultrasound devices(Are they dangerous?) Barcelona: growing the mHealth ‘ecosystem’(Discussion […]

Diagnostic sensors for telehealth and telemedicine

19 items posted since Friday’s alerts email: Haiti and telemedicine(Latest developments) Norwegian diabetes mHealth application(Self monitoring system) A diagnostic sensor for orthopedic post-surgery(New product smart skin patch) Telemedicine at work(‘Work’ as in ‘workplace’) ‘Tattletale pills and bottles’(Useful roundup from CNN) Avoiding FDA mHealth regulation–not easy(Must-read if confused on US compliance matters) Epocrates differs with iPad […]

Dementia technologies video COGKNOW project

Mobile software partner sought for European dementia technologies(Don’t miss the video) NHS ‘could save £15bn’ treating more patients at home(Growing telehealth awareness) Who should write about mHealth?(Not the American Telemedicine Association?) PhD Studentship in: Telecare Systems Application and ICT Infrastructure (UK)(Opportunity) Newcastle (UK) 6 months’ free telecare for people over 85(To increase the uptake) What […]

Gadgets changing the world

The language of telecare(‘Rant’ – and a comment already) The future of sensing devices(Pointer to the future) How your favourite gadget is changing the world(Telehealth, etc. in India) Siemens licences Microsoft HealthVault (Germany)(Significant development) New product idea(Free from Telecare Aware) Unilever’s Imperative Health(Significant development?) Breath-based diagnosis and monitoring(Pointer to the near future)