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3millionlives: Plan B and Plan C (Still unconvinced on Plan A) New arrivals to the monitoring web portal party…(US) (Fujitsu and a barking name) Smartphone apps to reduce social anxiety (Based on cognitive bias modification) A call for ‘dialing back the hype’ (Read if planning the next Big Thing) AirStrip selects MobiSecure for government health […]

3millionlives cartel; Medical alert summoned police; Neelie Kroes telecare and telehealth; Walsall telecare; Bosch Healthcare sues three companies

3millionlives. A cartel in the making? (UK) (Feedback from unhappy companies) Drug delivery on a wireless chip closer (Pointer to the future) Medical alert summoned police–with tragic consequences (US) (Sad story) Neelie Kroes acknowledges Scotland’s telecare and telehealth promotion (Thumbs up for Scotland) Walsall making telecare a default component of care packages (UK) (But who […]

Docobo Doc@Home; Rite Aid; AirStrip/Qualcomm; telecare equipment; telehealth; MyFlare; 3millionlives

Cardiac consultant demos telehealth (UK) (Docobo Doc@Home) FDA throwing a monkey wrench into telehealth? (US) (Discouraging outcomes-based care and lower costs) Skip the retail clinic, go online–fine with Rite Aid (Virtual consults catching on as money and time-saving) AirStrip gains investment, monitoring tech integration with Qualcomm (Qualcomm’s bets on wireless health multiplying) Portugal Telecom to […]