3millionlives cartel; Medical alert summoned police; Neelie Kroes telecare and telehealth; Walsall telecare; Bosch Healthcare sues three companies

3millionlives. A cartel in the making? (UK)
(Feedback from unhappy companies)

Drug delivery on a wireless chip closer
(Pointer to the future)

Medical alert summoned police–with tragic consequences (US)
(Sad story)

Neelie Kroes acknowledges Scotland’s telecare and telehealth promotion
(Thumbs up for Scotland)

Walsall making telecare a default component of care packages (UK)
(But who writes their quotes?)

Tallinn hopes to introduce telecare (Estonia)
(Going about it the wrong way)

Bosch Healthcare sues three companies over patent infringements
(A shot across the bows for other companies)