Docobo Doc@Home; Rite Aid; AirStrip/Qualcomm; telecare equipment; telehealth; MyFlare; 3millionlives

Cardiac consultant demos telehealth (UK)
(Docobo Doc@Home)

FDA throwing a monkey wrench into telehealth? (US)
(Discouraging outcomes-based care and lower costs)

Skip the retail clinic, go online–fine with Rite Aid
(Virtual consults catching on as money and time-saving)

AirStrip gains investment, monitoring tech integration with Qualcomm
(Qualcomm’s bets on wireless health multiplying)

Portugal Telecom to provide telecare equipment
(With a charity)

Why the NHS must embrace telehealth on a larger scale
(Good general telehealth item)

3 iPhone and iPad medical devices we’d like to see
(Near future wish list)

Healthbots interview: Professor Bruce MacDonald (New Zealand)
(More robots in the home)

MyFlare launches moblie PERS app in Spanish
(PERS for a one-off $9.99)

3millionlives: Invitation to the party – at a price (UK)
(A public cartel in the making?)