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Doro buys tiny French telecare company for €1.29 million (!!!!) Socialism: Relax, it could be coming to your living room (US) (Should rattle a few cages) Pop-up ‘MedCottage‘ enables care at home (US) (New product news) Continua Health Alliance Releases 2011 Design Guidelines (Industry news) Invicta Telecare’s 25 years – and some statistics (UK) (Industry […]

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Health Net Connect launches VideoDoc service (Is it significant?) New telehealth service in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) (New telehealth roll-out) BRAID Project: Active Ageing Scenarios (EU) (May be useful) NHS Bristol uses phones for telehealth (UK) (New telehealth roll-out) Recognized Continua Certification Experts (May be useful. Or become one) Two useful smartphone healthcare apps, and free report […]

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Continua Alliance releases design guidelines to public (But confusion reigns) Connected health and ‘crossing the digital divide’ (Good sms news) Tracking, social networking rising for health information (Facebook as a source of health info???) ‘Aging in the Connected Home’ research (Waking up to the need to research needs before tech) Skype a bad buy for […]

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Wills and Kate telecare shocker! (You thought we’d be a Royal Wedding-free zone? Sorry!) Tunstall CEO backs Lansley’s NHS plans (Unlike the vast majority, including health professionals) AT&T unveils suitcase-sized cell sites for emergencies (New product) Meet the Buyers 2011 (UK) (Event news) Body boundaries and the rise of Homo evolutis (Pointer to the future) […]

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Telecare Soapbox: Northern Ireland. We announce the winner and losers (At last…?) Older generation demands smarter mobile phones (And why you can’t phone them) Qtel to launch mHealth services (Qatar) (Industry news) Failings in alarm response ‘inexcusable’ (NZ) (Lessons learned) WSD “shows promising results” (Of course it does) Polish telecare company seeks contacts (Can you […]

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VA contracts for healthcare innovations in EHRs and mobile (Latest VA Innovation Initiative) Videophone support for family caregivers of dementia patients (US) (ACITSFCDP: What kind of acronym is that?) NaviNet extends into mobile care management (Think Amazon) ‘Reform’ medical device tax–Senate moves repeal (US) (Has implications for telehealth and telecare) Why are medical alerts so […]

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Older people would benefit from free telecare (UK)(Saying what should go without saying) Aerotel goes wireless(New products) Tunstall goes broadband(New products) Older people have their say on robots in care(And guess what they want!) Intel Home Health pilot with Erickson Retirement(Who will pay after the pilot?) FDA and mobile health regulation(Regulations on medical apps for […]