3millionlives; Smartphone apps; AirStrip MobiSecure; Aerotel GeoSkeeper; Telecare suppliers; Mobile Health Africa

3millionlives: Plan B and Plan C
(Still unconvinced on Plan A)

New arrivals to the monitoring web portal party…(US)
(Fujitsu and a barking name)

Smartphone apps to reduce social anxiety
(Based on cognitive bias modification)

A call for ‘dialing back the hype’
(Read if planning the next Big Thing)

AirStrip selects MobiSecure for government health apps
(Upgrading their mobile security)

Kenya’s startup boom
(Lessons for planning a large, government-inspired project)

Aerotel’s GeoSkeeper receives FCC and IC approvals (US & Canada)
(Illustrating how long it can take to come to market)

Bonanza for six telecare suppliers (Scotland)
(And not a Cartwright in sight)

Mobile Health Africa: Connected Africa Forum
(Conference news)