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More Telecare and Telehealth news updates

Finally, a better fall detector? (myHalo Clip)(First of several better detectors in the pipeline?) Beyond ‘smart homes’-‘Home health pavilion’ added to EHX 2010(Moving out of the ‘forever tested’) “The patient of the future”, engaged (HealthLeaders magazine)(Technology changing the relationship with doctors) Telehealth / telecare project dropouts(WSD insight) UK Government telecare policy and the Scottish Telecare […]

Telecare Aware

You can now read Telecare Aware items on your internet-phone. Go to: Business Week-“Aging In Place” special report-Intel, GE, Philips(Four items in one) Telehealth being ‘levered’ by healthcare reform? (US)(Intel’s Eric Dishman’s blog) Telecare support for US veterans to be tested(Research news) “Creepy” medication compliance via microchips in pills(Pointer to the future) University of […]

Telecare / Telehealth Aware

Telecare Soapbox: Are Partnership Agreements Stifling Innovation?(Are you stuck in one?) Remote monitoring helps Henry Ford reduce admissions for heart failure (US)(Pay attention Leicester!) ‘Abusive’ 98-year-old evicted (UK)(Hmm…) Jaltek Group (UK) and Ericsson (SE) introduce wireless health monitoring(Industry news) Telecare as part of cuts packages (Scotland)(Bad publicity by association?) Bungling burglars alert telecare call centre(Pull […]

Telehealth news updates

Is it a mad, mad world? Read the first item and see! Leicester NHS’s bizarre telehealth decision(Read it and weep) Philips Lifeline issues pendants safety notice(Pendant danger) Three items on respiratory telehealth(Adding to the evidence) Guardian article: Remote control (UK)(UK insight) PerVaya looking for distributors(Industry news) Researchers design rooms with sensors that help dependent people(Another […]

Telecare Aware Updated

Today, some info and and few questions… Sunderland: a telecare marker and challenge (UK)(Good Telecare implementation) Free ehealth masterclass at Imperial College (UK)(Act quickly) Smartphone apps point to telecare/telehealth future(Pointer to the future) Chubb wins substantial care home contract (UK)(Industry news) Remote patient monitoring now means in hospital too(Extending the definition of remote patients) Pendant […]

Updates to telehealth and telecare news

Today’s offerings will make you laugh and cry. (Mostly the latter.) Panorama: different views on loss of wardens(Hot UK topic) Northern Ireland’s shameful anniversary(Procurement drags on) Australia to invest $60m in telehealth, emergency response and e-education(Making a start) The success of telehealth(Who’s the soul of discretion, then?) People with dementia getting GPS tracking (UK)(Cautious trials) […]