Telecare smoke alarm; Cardiocom; e-Health and telemedicine; Intel; Robots; Telecare job

Philips and Project HOPE, New Mexico
(To implement telemonitoring)

Public telecare/telehealth events (UK)
(Forthcoming events)

Telecare smoke alarm saves 97 year-old (UK)
(Goodnews item)

Leeds City investing £1million in telecare (UK)
(More good news)

Cardiocom: new pulse oximeter
(New product info)

At ATA 2010: US Army and mCare
(Help for recuperating soldiers)

mHealth Initiative sponsors nursing innovation award
(Recognizing the adoption of mobile apps in nursing)

At ATA 2010: Intel study, with surprises
(Intel study cooks the books?)

UK Trade and Investment e-Health and telemedicine mission to China
(There may still be places available)

Robots: replacement people (US and Japan)
(More on ‘remote presence’)

Revealed – EMRs for the Mac (US)
(The main options)

At ATA 2010: Ideal Life’s ‘universal connectivity’
(New product info)

Telecare job: project manager sought (UK)
(By a major UK manufacturer)