Bluetooth; ATA 2010; CompuMed; Wireless medicine

ATA 2010: it’s global, Haiti, AT&T
(Conference roundup)

Bluetooth beyond the ‘thinginyerear’
(Bluetooth has just barely warmed its engines)

At ATA 2010: Waldo Health monitor premieres
(Product news)

At ATA 2010: Aerotel demonstrates Mobile-CliniQ
(Product news)

Telecare/Telehealth Best Practice Guide
(From the British Geriatrics Society)

CompuMed to deliver eHealth to emerging underserved markets
(Industry news)

Safer Walking Technology Scheme – Westminster, UK
(Tracking for people with dementia)

Electronic record privacy concerns (Australia)
(What’s got them stirred up?)

Wireless medicine has a sugar daddy (US)
(GE Healthcare is one of the beneficiaries)

Telecare Soapbox: The Tina and Mick Test
(Ageism in equipment and service design)