e-Health Nigeria; Everon; FDA; Telecare Services Association (UK) appoints CEO

Telecare Soapbox: Value creation–wireless health companies at the fore
(Eternal challenges of successful technology companies)

CMIO: Telehealth gets connected (US)
(Round-up of various initiatives)

Kaiser study finds 50% improvement in healthy hypertension control
(Using which device?)

e-Health Nigeria and the ‘instant EMR’
(Inspiring story)

FDA and digital health = FUD?
(Health IT software as medical device)

Telecare Services Association (UK) appoints CEO
(And the person in this pivotal role is…)

mHealth featured on ’60 Minutes’ (US)
(Marty Cooper, who developed the first cell phone, looks ahead)

‘Doc in poc’ redux: MIT Media Labs’ CollaboRhythm
(Phone-based pre-consultation questioning)

UCLA engineer develops world’s smallest microscope for telemedicine use
(Connects to a smart-phone)

Study: texting as mHealth tool
(Upsides and downsides)

Center for Technology and Aging final RPM report released
(Completing an item from January)

Volcanic ash flight disruptions – great offer
(Conference news)

Everon: Vega battery life increase breakthrough
(Product news)