Cisco; smartphones; remote monitoring; pendant alarms; Continua; Proteus Biomedical; volcanic ash

Telemedicine as Cisco Systems‘ seat at eHealth table
(We find the nugget in the puffery)

Smartphone growth heralding mHealth growth?
(Handheld computing power to open healthcare doors?)

Moving from long-term care to home–where is the remote monitoring?
(A missed opportunity that you, dear reader, can put right. See comment)

Forecasts, forecasts…where do they end for mHealth?
(Links to a comparison of the forecasts)

Pendant alarms: users don’t use them (UK report)
(Item extended since posting yesterday)

Continua’s certified products list
(‘Certified’ as in ‘approved’, not ‘insane’)

Hospital: “the most boring place on Earth”
(Best argument for telehealth)

Proteus Biomedical gains FDA approval for telehealth monitor
(Industry news)

Cardiologist beats volcanic ash flights ban with telehealth monitoring
(Another good argument for telehealth)