Lifestyle Monitoring; ESNC; fall detector; mHealth; MIT’s Sana

Lifestyle Monitoring – Tomorrow’s World? (Scotland)
(Jargon-free article)

European Satellite Navigation Competition
(Open to anyone)

Center for Telehealth and e-Health Law (CTeL)
(For the brown bag seminars)

University of Maryland mobile technology symposium

EMR implementation: the law of unintended consequences
(Physician view of using EMRs)

Terminology: The discussion that will not die!
(Stakepost, anyone?)

University students invent wrist-worn fall detector (US)
(‘A’ for effort)

How long can ‘innovative’ be ‘innovative’?
(Terminology or sloppy thinking issue?)

Can mHealth save the NHS money?
(Well, can it?)

MIT’s Sana: open-source platforms key to mHealth in developing countries
(The key part of this being ‘open source’)