FDA and HIT; Army Telecare; MediPendant; Tunstall

MIT’s Sana mobile health platform wins $150,000 prizes

Nowhere to hide when FDA and HIT collide
(Another must-read for suppliers in the US market)

AllOne Mobile zeroed out?
(The difficulty of finding success)

GE Global Research, US Army telecare study
(Boost for QuietCare?)

Mystery du jour: Pfizer, Acacia Living and their ‘holistic technology solution’
(Nothing like a good mystery…)

LogicMark and Medical Alarms Concepts reach agreement
(Court case closed)

IBM Global Entrepreneur Initiative
(Help for small, relatively new companies)

iPhones could keep elderly and disabled out of hospital (Nottingham, UK)
(Flexible approach)

A Weight off my Mind: telecare for carers
(Free report)

E-ffective healthcare
(OECD telehealth article)

Tunstall pre-empts result of BS tender process (UK)
(Will Buying Solutions take action?)