Independent living; Telecare; iGoogle; mHealth devices

Report: ICT enabled independent living for elderly (EU)
(Free, long report)

FineThanx telephone check-in service (US)
(Check-in the comments, too)

Connectyx MedFlash, Consult A Doctor joint venture
(Rant warning)

Cardio doc in poc (when you need one?)
(It’s also a fully featured smartphone)

Poplar HARCA’s Alertacall publicity (UK)
(Example of good publicity)

Get notification of Telecare Aware items in iGoogle
(An iGoogle gadget at last!)

Report: The Future of Health Care Is Social
(Free, short report)

Cross-sector collaboration key to home-based healthcare
(And a breach in one of the major barriers?)

When your carpet calls your doctor
(Item for general readers)

Cornwall to continue using telehealth after the WSD finishes
(Anticipating the WSD results)

Seven pages of telecare videos
(From wonderful to woeful)

Are connected health firms chasing the wrong markets?
(LinkedIn discussion)

Meridian Health (NJ), Best Buy test mHealth device sales
(Testing consumers’ comfort level)