PTG; Health 2.0; telehealth hub; mobile health; broadband for healthcare

PTG: Funding hasn’t gone away (UK)
(Contrary to popular belief)

Ill wind blows in great report
(Long read 1: Health 2.0 conference, Paris)

Highlands and Islands to discuss telecare development
(Scotland presses ahead)

Yorks and Humber plans telehealth hub (UK)
(Visionary development)

Five free mobile health reports
(Long read 2)

Tunstall‘s new icp: 73 out of 100
(What does it mean?)

Robots in care: roundup
(Long read 3 – contains 24 links)

iPad for patient education at Florida Hospital for Children
(In the Walt Disney Pavilion)

Ready, set….more projections (mHealth this go)
(Another week, another set of projections)

Into the fog: FDA and smartphone apps regulation
(Beware those red lights)

Can EMRs cure healthcare? (Wall Street Journal musings)
(Great in theory, problematic in practice)

Diabetes tracking Nintendo style: Bayer rolls out Didget in US
(Following its success(?) in the UK)

HP’s major computing breakthrough
(Pointer to the future)

Roundup of FCC rural broadband for healthcare
(Where did the $145 million funding go?)

Telehealth retraining for IT workers in New Hampshire and Vermont proposed
(Creating some new jobs)

Surgical live telehealth monitoring
(Real-time ‘second set of eyes’)

Business Week catches up with mHealth
(Highlights some European developments)