EarlySense; Health New England; epidermal electronics; St Vincent de Paul; Telehealth

EarlySense hospital bed sensors piloting in Massachusetts
(New product news)

iPads are welcome distraction during surgery (UK)
(Choose your entertainment along with your surgeon)

Health New England adds member app
(For faster access)

Once again into the (data) breach: ‘September Song’ edition
(225,000 people affected in recent months)

Revised Lifecomm MPERS white paper
(Thanks to TA readers)

EHTEL – Intel Workshop: eHealth 2020 – What Synergies for Europe?
(Seminar news)

NYT catches up on ‘epidermal electronics
(Pointer to the future)

6pm Group to invest €5 million in FYR Macedonia ‘Tele Care and Tele Health’
(Interesting market choice)

St Vincent de Paul study shows benefits of telecare to older people
(For the ‘evidence file’)

App-based remote room monitoring system for iPad and iPhone
(New product – not quite telecare yet)

Telehealth in the NHS (article)