Doro; Socialism; MedCottage; Continua Health Alliance; Kyocera; AFrame Digital

Doro buys tiny French telecare company for €1.29 million

Socialism: Relax, it could be coming to your living room (US)
(Should rattle a few cages)

Pop-up ‘MedCottage‘ enables care at home (US)
(New product news)

Continua Health Alliance Releases 2011 Design Guidelines
(Industry news)

Invicta Telecare’s 25 years – and some statistics (UK)
(Industry news)

Could you be a (non-Bosch) Health HERO?
(Dead easy competition)

Mi-Look: Kyocera‘s multifunction device (Japan)
(New product news)

AFrame Digital gains second round of NIH research funding
(Research news)

Telecare Soapbox: Telehealth for the intellectually disabled
(‘People with Learning Disabilities’ for UK readers)