Remote monitoring; healthcare technology; iBrain diagnoses sleep disorders; TeleMedCare; telecare, telehealth jobs

Remote monitoring + home health management = FBQ answers?
(Resolving the four big questions)

Virtual visits under the palm trees: InteractiveMD goes video
(Ambitious development)

Modernising healthcare in Armenia and Karabakh
(Telemedicine and teleconsultation)

Is this India? Yes it is!
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Life-changing healthcare technology (UK)
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Carmarthenshire Telecare to be featured on S4C (Welsh TV)
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iPad – love ’em or hate ’em
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A small doubt on text messaging effectiveness
(Devise your own reminder system instead?)

iBrain diagnoses sleep disorders; MIT recognition
(And the top young innovators of 2010)

Healthsense gains fresh financing for telecare system
(Encouraging US industry news)

Satellites used to track mentally-ill violent criminals (UK)
(buddi-based tracking pilot scheme)

Business Week gets mHealthy
(Big players making investments but no one making money)

Knowsley telehealth project saves £185,000 in 14 months
(More evidence of telehealth effectiveness)

TeleMedCare appoints Interim CEO
(Industry news)

Three UK telecare telehealth jobs advertised
(In telecare and telehealth)