ATA 2011; BIOTRONIK; iMetrikus/Numera; Text4Baby; Alzheimer’s telecare project; Microsoft tags for mHealth

ATA 2011: conference reporting **Final 6 May**
(To bring you right up to date, incl. Intel news)

New Zealand technologies facilitate care of elderly and chronically ill at home

Wireless remote monitoring pacemakers: FDA approval of BIOTRONIK’s latest devices (US)
(Industry news)

OK to Taser man having epileptic fit (UK)
(Twice. And to stand on his legs)

iMetrikus changes name to Numera (US/UK)
(Industry news)

TSA job offer (UK)
(Phone Trevor)

Survey: Text messaging preferred for health alerts (US)
(More interesting than it sounds)

Text4Baby goes to Russia
(International news)

Alzheimer’s telecare project interim evaluation results (video)
(Old-ish but video just released)

Demise of Intel’s Health Guide
(Yes – read it here first)

Microsoft tags for mHealth?
(Smartphone and app needed to read this one)

EU support for market breakthrough
(AALOA and AALA news)