William and Kate; Tunstall; AT&T; Homo evolutis; Continua; Waldo Health; Verizon and Healthsense

Wills and Kate telecare shocker!
(You thought we’d be a Royal Wedding-free zone? Sorry!)

Tunstall CEO backs Lansley’s NHS plans
(Unlike the vast majority, including health professionals)

AT&T unveils suitcase-sized cell sites for emergencies
(New product)

Meet the Buyers 2011 (UK)
(Event news)

Body boundaries and the rise of Homo evolutis
(Pointer to the future)

Smart Personal Health project final report (EU)
(Quaintly circular Continua item)

ATA: remove Medicare telemedicine/telehealth restrictions
(Pre-conference build up)

Waldo Health gains 510(k) approval
(Industry/market news)

Verizon and Healthsense agreement for senior communities (US)
(Industry/market news)

ACOs creating more problems than solved? (US)
(An even dimmer view of ACOs than before)