Vodafone; American Well; Telecare briefs; Telehealth; Burnside Telecom; WSDAN; Global Health Innovation

Vodafone publishes first mobile ‘Health Debate’
(Vodafone’s take on the four big questions)

American Well wins contract from the VA (US)
(A significant development)

Telecare briefs: mood music, securing data…and not
(Three quickies)

Online services ‘isolating’ elderly people (UK)
(WRVS has a pop at telecare)

Will GPs take telehealth into the mainstream? (UK)
(By Mark Ayton of Honeywell HomMed UK)

Burnside Telecom: Monitor care equipment from your mobile phone (UK)
(New product)

Telecare LIN October newsletter published
(94 pages)

Goodbye WSDAN, hello King’s Fund Telehealth and Telecare section
(Getting ready for life post WSD results?)

List of “global health innovation” events
(Events news)

MIT’s New Media Medicine
(List of new stuff)