VA healthcare; NaviNet; Medical Device Tax; Why are medical alerts so ugly; Telemed cart; Epilert; Telehealth monitoring; VitalPoint;

VA contracts for healthcare innovations in EHRs and mobile
(Latest VA Innovation Initiative)

Videophone support for family caregivers of dementia patients (US)
(ACITSFCDP: What kind of acronym is that?)

NaviNet extends into mobile care management
(Think Amazon)

‘Reform’ medical device tax–Senate moves repeal (US)
(Has implications for telehealth and telecare)

Why are medical alerts so ugly? (US)
(And see comments on original post)

Continua and GCF to develop certification process
(Looks like a good move)

Telemed cart saves $540,000 in 7 months (US)
(Has ROI even discounting helicopter costs)

EpiLert a step closer to production at last (Israel)
(At last! At last!)

Prevent hospital admissions, win $3m (US)
(Competition, but use pre-existing data)

Telehealth monitoring for 100s of patients in Greece
(Part of an EU initiative)

New end user device: VitalPoint
(With outsourced device manufacturing facility)

Compassion: ‘the universal solvent’
(Don’t lose touch with what inspired you)