UK Telecare NFA; SupraUK; Telemedicine; Medicare; Lifecomm

Old UK Telecare NFA expires; new one is delayed
(Suppliers left in limbo – again)

SupraUK new product
(‘Ello,’ello, ‘ello!)

Telemedicine–a gold rush on horizon?
(New York Times roundup)

Does technology mean more efficient care? Or just more care?
(Dana Blankenhorn think-piece)

Towers Watson: 90% of employers believe ‘health reform’
increases benefit costs–eHealth as remedy?
(Jane Sarasohn-Kahn digs into the study)

Will Medicare cuts help..or hurt…telehealth adoption?
(It could go either way)

‘Doc in poc’, mental health edition
(Mental health state monitoring ripe for telehealth)

CellTrak’s mobile tracking for home care workers
(Bridging the tech gap)

A new life for Lifecomm
(Having evolved into a lightweight PERS device)

Nano-ink tattoos could monitor diabetes
(Pointer to the future)

Hft in awards finals for ‘Personalised Technology’ (UK)
(UK charity for people with learning disabilities)