TSA 2010 Conference; AMIA Informatics; undiagnosed COPD; Aerotel GeoSkeeper; Galaxy Tab; Bosch Healthcare

TSA 2010 Conference reports
(Further updates since yesterday; A request and reflections)

Microwaves could replace electrodes for monitoring vital signs
(Pointer to the future item)

AMIA Informatics 2010 Year in Review
(Items for the evidence base)

More people in UK with undiagnosed COPD than previously thought
(According to a survey)

Aerotel GeoSkeeper–first US viewing
(Will be interesting to hear what readers make of it)

Tablet wars: 20 iPad competitors to watch and definitive
review of Galaxy Tab
(Continuing developments)

Bosch Healthcare in US: interesting moves too
(Reaction to observation from the TSA conference)