TriageBots; Disposable diagnostics; Diabetes management; Smartphone health apps; Medical jewelry; Romeo robot; Chorleywood

TriageBots‘ for EDs (A&E)
(Coming to a hospital near you…but when?)

Mobile phone disposable diagnostics
(Diagnose anywhere with immunoassay technology)

Consumer engagement in diabetes management–not easy
(Ah yes, healthcare would be easy if not for the patients)

More on the RAND home health study
(We want more demos! We want more demos!)

Smartphone health apps to reach 462 million users worldwide by 2015: study
(A lot of chomping going on here)

Is high-tech ‘medical jewelry‘ effective in emergency situations?
(This could be crucial for someone you know)

Romeo: NAO’s big cousin
(“Wherefore art thou?” indeed)

Adoption and diffusion of technology for older adults
(Double edition of the journal Ageing International)

Wales invests to save in telecare
(Not quite what it seems)

Telecare Soapbox: What is telehealth doing in prison?
(An overlooked topic)

Chorleywood Health Centre still out in front (UK)
(The quiet leader in telehealth)

eHealth business models should take a page from…
(Hmm…are you over 18?)

Sensor-based epidemiology
(One for your medical statistician (biostatistician) friends)