Telemedicine; mHealth; GE Healthcare; Senate eCare hearing

Kevin Doughty at IALC (Video)
(You’ve read his contributions, now see him in action)

Senate hearings, ‘eCare‘ and national broadband
(Comprehensive roundup, including video links
UPDATED if you read it before this morning)

Florida medical school pilots remote blood pressure monitoring with IDEAL LIFE
(Telehealth ‘getting out there’)

What makes for a successful remote patient monitoring program?
(Add your suggestions)

GE Healthcare invests $3 million in Ireland’s TRIL Centre for aging design research
(GE uses some of that $250 million)

RAatE 2010
(UK Conference notice)

‘Meaningful use’–by patients? (US)
(Physician performance will depend on what patients do)

mHealth: the developing world really needs it – a Telecare Aware special report
(Telemedicine by mobile phone in Nepal)