Telehealth satisfaction; Personal-safety GPS device; ATA Annual Awards; mHealth; Aerotel; West Wireless Health Institute

The good(ish) and the reason why
(Why we keep plodding on, that is)

NYY incredible telehealth satisfaction survey results (UK)

Personal-safety GPS device security risk
(Leading US device hacked)

ATA Annual Awards recognize telehealth leaders and innovators (US)
(Conference news)

Seafarers to get better mHealth
(Niche market news)

Electronic alert system to prevent venous thromboembolism in
hospitalized patients (Spain)
(Key info missing)

mHealth features heavily in Sunday supplement (UK)
(Getting into mainstream media)

Can the NHS save through innovation?
(Window on the state of the NHS)

Aerotel: New cash, new supporter
(Industry news)

Why boomers lag in smartphone adoption
(45 years+ in the US not getting smartphones at expected rate)

West Wireless Health Institute’s ‘evolution’
(Becoming more policy-oriented)

Excessive EHR alerts counterproductive: study (US)
(Accuracy of alerts and lack of response to them)