Telehealth; Robotic exoskeletons; Telecare service; Telemedicine – An Introduction; Telecare Technology

Investor paper on telehealth
(A wealth of information on technology use in home care)

Robotic exoskeletons for mobility update–again
(The wearable robot on track for release)

Telehealth’s promising global future
(Excellent roundup)

Living alone with pets and telecare service (Canada and US)
(An often forgotten angle)

Final proof that telecare has arrived (UK)
(Never mind it hasn’t featured in the soaps yet)

Where have all the NHS IT champions gone?
(Thoughtful item by the Patient from Hell)

New Book: Telemedicine – An Introduction
(With an Indian focus)

Staffordshire will continue to contract with Telecare Technology (UK)
(Why would it not?)