Telehealth; FCC, FDA; Grandcare; Medical (pendant) alarms; Telefónica Telefonica; Tynetec

There’s good news *this* Friday!
(Makes a change!)

Center for Technology and Aging grants awarded
(For home-based care using telehealth)

Another doc and his apps (UK)
(So, not just a US phenomenon)

FCC, FDA agree…to understand. And regulate. (US)
(Vague set of good intentions)

GrandCare introduces HomeBase, VRI partnership
(Convergence of telecare, telehealth and social connectedness)

‘DIY house calls’: technology brands gone missing
(Not as positive as it first seems)

Mobile Health Expo early bird rates flying away…
(Substantial savings expire Saturday 31 July)

TeleMedCare trading under administration (Australia)
(Let’s hope it is just a hiccup)

Medical (pendant) alarms: who’s the lucky one?
(Contrasting experiences)

More on Telefónica‘s telehealth and telecare ambitions
(Dangerous time for small technology companies?)

Cirrus/London Telecare event: ‘The Future of Telecare’ (UK)
(Event report)

Tynetec acquires Aid Call Healthcare (UK)
(Clarification added)