Telecare video; Sustainable Ageing; doc in poc; Buying Solutions

Dudley video: It’s not just pull cords and pendants
(Nice one)

Mixed welcome for $392 million investment for teleconsults in Australia
(Docs and the art of fence sitting)

The changing UK context for telecare and telehealth
(Three items reflecting the changing scene)

International Conf. on Sustainable Ageing
(Conference news, Spain)

iPhone ‘doc in poc’, if you live in PA
(Diagnostic tool for hypochondriacs)

Athenahealth moving to standalone EHR
(Market development)

Now Maine in the telehealth game
(Putting down a marker to become a leader)

Buying Solutions re-issues matrix – corrected
(BS stars in The Importance of Being Sloppy)

New Facebook discussions
(Join in or start your own)

A greater meaning in the WellDoc FDA approval?
(FDA not ready to evaluate innovative systems)

Welcome investment news (#1)
(Is the outlook for eHealth brightening?)

Philips anchors $250 million Dutch VC fund
(But what does it mean for the market?)

Rounds with the iPad: a July attending’s adventure
(Doc makes a diagnosis)

Robotic surgery (UK)
(At what cost benefit?)

Yurina robot
(Odd name in English, even odder video)

Numbers of old people dying alone increasing in the UK
(What, if anything, can councils do?)

Docobo to promote Australian community care management system in UK
(New product news)