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Mobile Health Expo East reminder
(A deadline and a discount)

Blue Highway gets closer to WellAWARE
(Industry news)

Friday’s forecast and research picks
(More ways to spend your company’s money)

The UK’s two approaches to telecare
(North / south divide?)

Honeywell Telehealth User Group Workshop invitation (UK)
(London, next week, if you can make it)

Tunstall’s telehealth program at NHS Gloucestershire
(Another large scale, non-competitive purchase?)

New Zealand Telehealth Forum established

More from recent South African mHealth Summit
(Africa – where necessity is truly the mother…)

Singapore tests mHealth device for heart disease
(Getting results quickly)

Telecare Services Association – members’ concerns (UK)
(Setting the standards?)

Pharma goes digital for trials, detailing
(Telehealth recruited)

mHealth Summit: call for presentations
(Conference news)

DALLAS – A thorough commissioning process to take less than a year (UK)
(Sidestepping EU tendering processes?)

Will watches make a comeback?
(Pointer to the future)

Where’s Spain’s Telefónica e-health division heading? José Perdomo tells all
(Big player strategy)