Telecare tender; Arrhythmia remote monitoring; London Telecare; Telehealth; Fife Telecare; iPLATO and T-Mobile; Robert Bosch Healthcare

Telecare service tender (Ireland)
(Business opportunity)

Arrhythmia remote monitoring device FDA approval
(Product news)

London Telecare Group opens to all comers (UK)
(For services and suppliers)

Personal Health Device Standards Update
(From the IEEE 11073 Personal Health Devices WG)

Med-e-Tel 2011 abstract submission extended
(Prizes available too)

Telehealth: from the general to the specific
(3 items for the price of one)

Sign of the times
(Aging and isolated people)

Fife Telecare Development Programme Annual Report 2010
(Good read)

Year-long study of EMR data errors announced; ‘meaningful use’ more distant? (US)
(Will they be regulated by the FDA?)

US/Taiwan study of physician smartphone usage
(Will they will, or will they won’t?)

Robots, avatars, video games–and healthcare
(Another take on ’emotional automation’)

iPLATO and T-Mobile in Czech Republic
(Industry news)

200 million mHealth applications in use, 70% interested in paying for them
(Your weekly forecast)

Telecare in assisted living communities (US)
(Includes new entrant, AFrame Technologies)

A request to TA readers with smartphones or iPads
(Help us improve your TA experience)

‘Tis the season…why healthcare marketers should be thankful
(Donna thought this was to be her last post before Christmas 😉 )

Robert Bosch Healthcare withdraws from Northern Ireland tender
(re-included in case you missed it on Friday)