Telecare, telehealth, mHealth items posted since Friday

Telecare and telehealth items posted since Friday, but keep up because we will be posting more later today.

Nokia’s Eco Sensor Concept
(An idea left at the side of the road?)

Are capital or collaboration bottlenecks preventing your startup from moving forward?
(Interesting discussion thread)

Telehealth Solutions HomePod project extended to Fife (Scotland)
(Success story)

Girton Labs novel hand tracking system
(Pointer to the future)

GSMA to expand mHealth agenda at Mobile World Congress
(Barcelona 15-18 February)

Matsushita tele-care (telehealth) patent
(This should worry manufacturers/system suppliers?)

Extraordinary story: Medical Care Technologies heading for China
(But where will they get their telehealth expertise?)

CUHTEC course: Personalised Budgets and Telecare (UK)
(18 March and 23 June)

Reflections on CES and consumer (connected) health
(Last link to CES-related item?)

Continua’s ‘garden of wonders’ at CES: 5 videos
(5 videos take you there)