Telecare, telehealth, mhealth and ehealth news update

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Surf online, be happier and smarter
(Very reassuring!)

iPhone as geriatric care advisor
(New app gives advice)

New telecare player in Canada
(Pushing the cost boundary)

US ‘Healthcare reform’ cuts home health support
(How will contradictory forces play out?)

UVA ‘Health House’ groundbreaking
(Second generation smart homes)

Has the smartphone reached the peak of its evolution?
(If so, it’s full steam ahead)

Mobile-based Healthcare Models for Emerging Markets
(From the Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit)

Telehealth features in Wales’s Rural Health Plan
(Wales gets it on)

Tunstall recruiting again
(Owing to ‘increase in demand’)

Retirement home tenants angry over ‘sneaky [telecare upgrade] charges’
(Peverel/Cirrus in media firing line)

Aberdeen’s Information for Telecare Assessors
(Lifting the covers)

West Midlands (UK): tender to write Commissioning & Evaluation Tool Kit
(Closing date 18th December)

ISfTeH call for papers for Med-e-Tel
(Closing date 31st December)

Tunstall publishes ‘Telehealthcare Times’
(Healthcare positioning continues)

TelaDoc $9m VC funding
(Telehealth, as in ‘phone’)

Orange Business Services and Sorin ‘Best Change Maker’

Diabetes systems: wireless mobility wins
(Review research overview)

Silvers Summit/Digital Health Summit
(Would you like us to report?)

China Telehealth Market Overview: Exclusive free report
(Exclusive to Telecare Aware…and free!)