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New since Friday:

What’s up with the Newham WSD project?
(Can tell us?)

Sensor-based monitoring coming to an iPhone near you?
(Pointer to the future)

Harvard Business Review on remote monitoring potential
(HBR catching up)

What makes telehealth (and telemedicine) work?
(VA points to five factors)

Will the Google phone(s) take the (healthcare app) pie?
(Android lurking on the apps horizon)

European Investment Bank gives Philips EUR 200 million healthcare R&D loan
(And what is Philips going to research?)

New service to support people with epilepsy (UK)
(Low cost ‘telehealth’ service)

Mobile telecare for mobility scooters (UK)
(Genius or dotty?)

mHealth: The Buzzword of 2009
(Excellent thought-piece)

Yamagata University telehealth devices (Japan)
(And the point is…?)

NHS capital spending to fall
(Will cuts kill telehealth developments?)