Telecare Aware Updated

UnitedHealth Group’s telemedicine initiative in national rollout (US)
(Using Cisco’s HealthPresence)

Easing of hospital staff credentialing for telemedicine delayed (US)
(Problems for telemedicine providers in USA)

The unexpected eHealth, iPhone app hub: Minnesota
(Clinic; Monitoring; meditation; microscopes)

Digital Wellbeing Conference (UK)
(Conference news)

Highlands and Islands telehealthcare event report (Scotland)
(Event report)

BIOTRONIK’s tenth birthday
(Home monitoring pacemakers)

SensorCare Systems Falls Awareness and Networking Day (UK)
(Seminar news)

PCTs fail to develop dementia plans (UK)
(Surprise, surprise)

Telehealth: boom and disruption vs. the ‘brick wall’ (US)
(Telehealth works. What’s the problem?)

Xbox Kinect for healthcare?
(They think ‘games’, we think ‘WOW!’)

mHealth (r)evolving through the chaos
(Helpful article)

Nexus TV communication hub
(Connecting people through the TV)

TSA and Continua to develop a Telecare over IP Use Case
(Terminology problem raises its ugly head)

Buying Solutions Telecare NFA update (UK)
(The problem drags on)

A doctor’s review of hospital rounds with an iPad
(iPad doctor works around its shortcommings)

Aetna, Intel Home Health Guide study announced
(Disappointingly generic yet ‘promising’)

Continua and Vignet to provide reference interoperable
software for smartphones
(Supplier news)

Philips: first ZigBee Health Care ‘reference design’
(Supplier news)