Telecare Aware Updated

Twelve updates since Tuesday:

Telefónica Caalyx system announced (Spain)
(New product shows cross-Europe cooperation)

100-year-old lady with dementia saved by telecare service (UK)
(But where was the technology to prevent the fire?)

Call for articles: Journal of Assistive Technologies
(Get writing)

Alphadaughters web site
(Get recording – well, not yet, it’s just a demo)

Telepsychiatry in the emergency department
(Long overlooked)

Livestrong’s diabetes diet analysis tool
(Thanks to Tour de France multiple-winner Lance Armstrong)

CardioNet up for sale?
(Medicare reimbursement cuts blamed for financial problems)

Barnet: Judge stops warden withdrawal plan
(Has implications for telecare services)

Tweeting your…weight?

Parents receptive to mobile phone monitoring of children’s diabetes
(Why not?)

E-communication tools and their impact on medical practices
(A thoughtful essay)

UCL study on EHR failure
(The larger the EHR project, the more likely it is to fail)

…plus comment on Newham WSD item