Telecare and dementia; Telehealthcare; telehealth services; Digital Health Summit; Philips vs Intel/GE in home health

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Telecare and dementia: Reader’s request
(Can you help with a decision tree?)

TSA Crystal Award winner announced (UK)
(And it is…)

Telehealthcare – the terminology debate
(With video)

Telecare Soapbox: Evaluation of telehealth services:
How good is ‘good enough’?
(David Barrett, University of Hull)

New collaborations of note:
BeClose/Ankota; Healthsense/Meru Networks (US)
(Industry news – with implications)

Digital Health Summit @ CES 6-9 January
(Get your skates on!)

Presto computerless email opens ‘newsstand’
(Presto’s new funding model)

Profitable telemedicine?
(No! Don’t say it has to be profitable!)

Philips vs Intel/GE in home health?
(Industry views)